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Lightbuildingtipper, adapted tothe chassismanufacturersof trucksandtrailers, allow the use oftrucks andtrailerstotransportanybulk material, general cargo, coal.






Basic data:


  • Internal length 4000-6000mm

  • External width 2550mm

  • Height of sides 400-800mm

  • Floor 4mm S355

  • Sides 3mm S355

  • Rear side with upper hinges opened automatically during tipping

  • Sides dropped down

  • Hydraulic cylinder of renowned manufacturer

  • Hydraulic pump of renowned manufacturer

  • Oil tank

  • Control system inside driver´s cab

  • Plastic mudguards

  • Yellow contour lights

  • Marking plates

  • Roof at the front side

  • Steel construction is shotblasted, painted with primer epoxide paint, surface painted with polyurethane paint- RAL color system


  • Flap door

  • Sides pendel and drop down with support of closing

  • Hydraulic sides

  • Tool box

  • Basket


Skibicki Technika Transportowa Sp. z o. o.
ul. Spółdzielcza 8a
87-630 Skępe
tel. (054) 287 72 97
NIP: 4660302761
KRS: 0000214817
Kapitał Zakładowy: 5997000,00 zł
ISO 9001:2008