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Company Skibicki TECHNOLOGY TRANSPORT Sp. with o.o. was established in 1981. Today, we are one of the largest construction companies in the country chassis trucks. We have a national leadership position dump truck bodies for various purposes. Our company focuses on quality, which is why we work with the best national and foreign suppliers of materials. In each section of the company's employ highly skilled specialists (currently over 150), who in conjunction with modern machinery and innovative techniques and product management company produce product for our customers, which due to its technical and quality advantages, is highly valued by our customers. In 2011, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. In recent years significantly increased sales in export markets, significantly expanding the sale of products under the brand name

Hoopers and the hook is a specialty of having many years of experience manufacturing company Skibicki Transport Technique. We offer many models of tippers - among others. tripartite and End Dump. Tilting loading box enables automatic unloading of containers. Modern design and high quality steel used to manufacture tippers make that they are designed to work in harsh conditions.

Equipment hook, ie. lifts are designed for installation on different types of truck chassis. These devices have a variable power loading as high as 22 tons, equipped with telescopic arm. Hakowcami control is done from the outside and from the driver's compartment. As a company dedicated to the transport technique, we also offer hydraulic systems interchangeable, trailers and cranes. All products of our company are characterized by functionality and a very high strength.

We are also providing specialized services such as laser cutting and plasma cutting. Professional laser cutting machine Trumpf give you the ability to cut any shape out of sheet metal or other flammable materials. The maximum dimensions of the sheet are 6000 x 2000 mm, and the thickness of the cut sheets depends on the type of material - for the structural steel up to 25 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm, 10 mm aluminum.

Company Skibicki Transport Technology also offers plasma cutting, having wide application in industry. Modern plasma cutting allows you to cut structural steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. The maximum thickness of the sheet is cut to 160 mm while burning gas and up to 32 mm with a plasma burning. The repeatability and precision, and high quality cut edges are undeniable advantages of laser cutting and plasma.


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Skibicki Technika Transportowa Sp. z o. o.
ul. Spółdzielcza 8a
87-630 Skępe
tel. (054) 287 72 97
NIP: 4660302761
KRS: 0000214817
Kapitał Zakładowy: 5997000,00 zł
ISO 9001:2008