In 1982, Ryszard Skibicki registered his own business. The surroundings of the forge and workshops are the beginning of the history of the brand’s name. Earlier, in the same forge and in the same workshops, his great-grandfather (who returned from the Prussian army in 1880 and established a forge), grandfather Konstanty, in 1920, after returning from the war – “he was a suppoerter of Józef Piłsudski”, continued the work of running the forge, and father Józef, who started his activity producing times horse carts on rubber wheels in 1952. Thanks to the activities of the representatives of four generations, the name Skibicki will for decades become a symbol of solidity, honesty and quality. Young Ryszard grew up amid the blows of a hammer against an anvil, the heat of workshop furnaces and the atmosphere of hard, reliable work. Already as a boy, and then a young man who was interested in the world, he gained experience in the metal industry. When he decided to register the company, he actually formalized the activities he continued in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, grandfather and father.

Good, ‘cause it’s Polish

It soon turned out that the local market is too small for Skibicki. The young entrepreneur began to look for solutions which would allow him to expand his business to the voivodeship – and in the future perhaps to the whole country. The first breakthrough came in 1984, when he made the first superstructure for a Star 200 truck according to his own design. He put the product up for sale on the stock exchange, where a tender for this building was made, and as a result, he received a price twice as high as expected, thus the clients appreciated the functionality and performance of the product. The construction was very popular in the industry – soon queues were lining up for trucks with Skibicki’s bodies. Skibicki – the man and his brand – was discussed in the industry all over the country. Taught by experience gained from the forge – young Skibicki made hay while the sun was shining. On the role of interest in his products, he started to gradually expand the offer and look for new business contacts and work on improving the quality of his products. And so in 2002 he assembled the first hook device. The premiere of the hooklift model from Skibicki had a wide impact in the industry and on the market of municipal and transport services – the model proposed by Skibicki was much better than any other product in its category. The market forced the functionality of the vehicles.

New times, new opportunities

In 2004, Ryszard Skibicki – an experienced constructor and industry expert – focused on the development of the company. The number of orders and interest in products meant that there was a need to create a professional infrastructure in the form of a design office. Year to year, the offer of products increased, responding to the constantly growing market needs – which transfered into a further increase in orders. The flagship models of the Skibicki brand were in the lead – such as hook devices, seven-section tippers, type rear-chute chute and three-way tipper. It was the time when the pre-accession funds ended and the EU funds were not yet widely available on the Polish market. Skibicki decided to make an investment with his own and current resources. The investment activities and the purchase of CNC equipment turned out to be the right actions – due to the further development, in 2004 the company was transformed into a commercial law company. It still functions in this form.

Skibicki in numbers

The following years abound with events, investments and new solutions. In the period from 2006 to 2017, Skibicki has been cooperating with the military industry. From 2005 to 2021, Skibicki promoted the Kroman (in Russia) and Technocar (in the Czech Republic) brands. All of the companies of the Skibicki brand sell about 600 bodies a year – which means that about 5,000 products signed with the “SKIBICKI” logo have entered the market. Estimates indicate that the brand launched products worth PLN 200,000,000.00. In the industry, the name and brand are as recognizable as the KFC mark among gourmets of breaded chicken or Allegro for online shopping lovers. We are a pioneer in the industry in Poland, we were watched at the fairs, we set the quality trends of the market.



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